Sixty Charisma Scented Blackbirds

by Gabriel Mayers

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released November 13, 2014

Recorded by Nikola Chapelle



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Track Name: Sixty Charisma Scented Blackbirds
I don't know what to say I feel lost and confused
I want someone to love but everyones being used
man i feel like a mess like i always feel down
just leave me alone but i need someone around
I'm on my last legs i need some sing of home
its it all just a waste is my life just a joke

When time a space collide I hope I'm by your side

I had it rough coming up i hope you can understand
always crying alone no one to hold my hand
well my daddy he left and my mama grew cold
i just wanna make her proud before I'm too old

When time and space collide I hope I'm by your side